Friday, August 11, 2017


So I'm back after a long break and have decided to make a bit of a change in the subject of this blog and keep it going. Though the blog will encompass what I began with, A Well Ordered Life, I will focus more on Living Simply. I don't know if I can officially make this name change but I'll be checking on that. Since living simply goes along with a "well ordered life" I decided not to begin another blog, but to get this one going again.

Living Simply requires being orderly in your life and as I pursued a simpler lifestyle, I realized that this was an overarching theme of living well and living an orderly life. It also seemed to be a popular topic these days so I decided to combine all my ideas on this blog and get it up and running again.

I hope those of you who had joined me previously will follow along!

Currently I am writing an e-book about Living Simply. I will keep you posted as to when it will be completed.

As I have pursued a simpler lifestyle in my own life and have been studying at length new ideas and ways to do that, I really wanted to share all that I have learned and experienced in the last several years. ( Yikes! I hope it hasn't been years since I began this blog! )But it all goes along with living a well ordered and balanced life.

So on with Ten Reasons To Live Simply:

1) Increased Serenity
2)  A Calmer Home Atmosphere
3) More  Joy
4) More  Peace
5)  Increased Creativity
6)  Better Relationships
7)  More Time for Relaxation
8)  More Time for the Important Things
9) Less Stress
10) Better Able to Live In the Moment

Each ONE is reason enough to want to live a simpler lifestyle! But ALL TEN?!? Who wouldn't want to have these in their lives? And it IS possible... if you set "living simply" as a goal in your life!

It is really kind of magical! And while it ALL doesn't happen all at once, even taking some small steps in that direction, can begin to make a difference in your life. And then it becomes a lifestyle and journey where the gifts mentioned above appear more and more as a part of your life.

I want to help you begin this journey towards living a simpler lifestyle in order to enjoy more of these gifts in your life. I hope you'll join me!

Friday, December 28, 2012


While I've taken a break from keeping up this blog, I decided to pop on over and invite anyone who happens along here and all my former followers to a workshop entitled, LIVE YOUR DREAM LIFE NOW!. Who wouldn't want to live their "dream life", right?

I'll be posting this FREE workshop every Monday for 8 weeks beginning on January 7th. For details see my November 26th post on Hob Nobbers.

Anyone can just follow along but I would love it if you would let me know you are taking the course by e-mailing me @ I'll be sending out reminders and a bit of information via e-mail.

Feel free to pass on this invitation through your blog as well.

New Year's resolutions are OK but it's more fun to create the life you've imagined! So check out this course and sign up NOW!

See you on January 7th!
Sandy ; )

Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Thanks for stopping by! I am currently not keeping this blog updated. ; (

 I would love to have you visit my MAIN blog at Hob Nobbers.  I have too many ideas and not enough time so I'm sticking to the one blog for now!

Thanks so much!


Monday, July 16, 2012


Granddaughters arriving for Gramma Camp.
Teaching grandson to play golf.
Just as important as organizing the spaces of your home, is planning fun events in your life. This IS, afterall, a blog about "A Well Ordered LIFE" which includes ordering and planning the FUN!  I find that if I don't plan things, they won't "just happen". For example, at the end of one summer I found myself thinking, " We never went on an old fashioned picnic!" The grandkids were busy with Mission Trips, Vacation Bible School, camping out, swimming lessons etc. The guys golfed on their days off, vacations were taken, and EVERY YEAR I think about going on a simple  picnic, but one year didn't actually PLAN one! What's a summer without an old fashioned family picnic? Oh sure, we had LOTS of family gatherings where we grilled out and ate together. But a picnic where we'd go to a favorite spot... to eat outside... on a picnic table...we did not do. I simply forgot to put it on the "planning schedule". Have you ever had something YOU wanted to do but it didn't happen due to lack of planning?

Learning to make felted soap
I can be spontaneous, but mainly  I'm a BIG PLANNER. So every summer I come up with a "Summer Plan". I take out the calendar for June, July, and August and begin mapping out SUMMER FUN! That might include weddings to go to, my husband's golf get-away, vacations, reunions, etc. It's a bit different now that our kids are married and out of the house. But "Gramma and Grampa" still need to have some fun!

One of the things we started doing when our grandkids were old enough was to hold "Gramma Camp" for a week in the summer. Gramma plans the fun and Grampa is the "assistant" and just does what he is told.  ;)  The grandkids stay overnight for a week and we plan fun things to do every day! We have a theme for the week, take day trips, make crafts, learn new things, etc. The grandkids look forward to it every summer. During the week we take pictures of the fun and we put it together in a real hardcover book through Shutterfly. If you haven't made a book through Shutterfly, you should check it out! You can have books of memories to keep forever. Now that the grandkids are older and know how to use the computer better than I do, they put it together themselves. They even put in a dedication page including a photo of the dedication recipient. One year it was dedicated to their little baby brother who was too young to come to Gramma Camp. Another year it was their parents. Just putting together the book itself is an fun activity for them during the week. Gramma Camp helps us create memories that will last a lifetime.

We also try to plan "day trips" to see things that are close enough to drive to, enjoy, and get back before the day is over. I also include in our Summer Fun time, some days to just stay at home and read those books I wanted to get through. Summer "exercise" is another thing I plan because, trust me, if I don't plan it, I won't do it! I still include it under the "fun" category to fool myself into thinking it's fun.

Maybe there are fun things that YOU"D like to do in the summer months but need to plan. How about that sewing project you've wanted to complete. Or that camping trip you've always wanted to take. Or maybe just a bike ride each week. Whatever fun you want to have in the summer, make sure you plan intentionally as to when and how you will make it happen. Get out your bucket list and decide to be able to cross some things off this summer.

Have fun drawing up your SUMMER CALENDAR OF FUN and then get busy planning it! You'll never regret making a decision to do this planning but you JUST may regret not doing those things you've always wanted to do but  just let time get away with you and NOT doing them.


Monday, July 9, 2012


So I'm continuing on organizing a drawer or part of a closet in 30 minute spurts of time during the summer. It is still working great! Each shelf or drawer completed motivates me even more. You'll see a few of the pantry shelves here...I'm fortunate to have a large walk-in pantry. I lined each shelf with a covering that can be taken off and washed. The red baskets are filled with paper goods ( plates, cups, etc ). And I finally found a place for my cookbooks that are accessible but off the kitchen counters.
The biggest bonus in organizing the kitchen and pantry drawers this summer has been  that it has motivated me to do more cooking and baking and even more importantly.... helping me to LOVE cooking and baking! In fact, I just made four loaves of Sour Cream Banana Bread!

 If you have been one who would love to bake or cook more often but find yourself putting it off, you might want to try getting your kitchen better organized! It makes a WORLD of difference!


Tuesday, July 3, 2012


                                   HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!

Sunday, June 24, 2012


Soon I hope to have a pantry like this!
I've been so busy organizing I haven't had time to post! Just kidding! I COULD spend more time organizing but I want to have a LIFE which is actually my MAIN goal. So what I HAVE been doing is spending time with family! So where does "organizing" come in? This IS a blog on organizing after all.  I know we want and need orderly homes but I don't want that to take over my life so what I came up with is a plan to organize  my life and home in 30 minute chunks a day. 

 My husband and I had planned to try and get our pantry and kitchen organized this summer so I knew I would need some organizational items. So I  took a trip to the dollar store and purchased a few items that might help in organizing. That was my FIRST 30 minutes of organizing time. But it got me even MORE motivated to get it done.

In 30 minute chunks I have organized  an armoire ( with  two shelves and four drawers) filled with dishes and table linens, three kitchen drawers and three HUGE shelves in the pantry. I'm still working on the rest but I feel GREAT about what has already been accomplished! Here are the steps I took to get going:

1) Went through kitchen, pantry, and armoire and took out those things that I haven't used in the last year and other things that needed to be discarded. One pile went into the trash and the other pile was picked up by my daughter-in-law for her garage sale whose proceeds would be sending our granddaughter on a mission trip! Yeah! Mission accomplished and I was even able to help my granddaughter raise money for her trip.   30 minutes ( husband helped )

2) Trip to the Dollar Store to purchase supplies. This got me more motivated and cost less than $10.00!  30 minutes

3) Ripped out two layers of shelf paper on one big shelf in the pantry, wiped down the shelf, layed a washable removeable pad on the shelf and filled the shelf in an organized fashion. 30 minutes

4) Continued this pattern with another two shelves, the armoire, and three kitchen drawers @ 30 minutes each.

It's not getting done in a day but I'm moving forward and it's feeling GOOD! I could feel the  difference after just ONE shelf was organized! I also have SO MUCH MORE SPACE left after many things were given away or discarded. Thirty minutes was just right for me but if you are working outside the home maybe you'll need to take only 15 minute chunks. The time frame doesn't matter as long as you keep at it a little at a time.

My goal in organizing is not to let it control my life but to get items in my home put away in an orderly fashion so I can find everything at a moment's notice. I'll then have more time for REAL LIFE AND REAL LIVING! Because, let's face it, who wants to spend he rest of their lives organizing?
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