Hi! I'm really glad you're here! First, and foremost I'm a Christian. I've been richly blessed to have the roles of wife, mother of two adult married  children, and grandmother of three. I've also been an RN, businesswoman, and founder and director of a ministry to juvenile offenders. I've been organizing things most of my adult life due to the fact that we were always so busy I HAD to get organized to keep my sanity. When my children were small I put together an organizer/planner to fit my organizing needs. But in order to get one for myself, I had to buy MANY MANY copies....1,000 to be exact! Guess I was pretty desperate to  get a copy of my own personal planner. So, of course, I ended up having to go out and sell the other 999 of them. After getting out there and selling my planner, people began to see me as a "professional organizer" so I was invited to speak to groups on organizing and time management.

Now, years later after retirement, my life ( though busy ) was less structured and OK I'll admit it, I got a bit lazy. So I'm back on the organizing trail, going through closets of STUFF collected over the years, creating  new systems that not  only work well but are FUN and EASY!

I hope you'll follow along, add comments and ideas, and share your life as I share mine.

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