Monday, July 9, 2012


So I'm continuing on organizing a drawer or part of a closet in 30 minute spurts of time during the summer. It is still working great! Each shelf or drawer completed motivates me even more. You'll see a few of the pantry shelves here...I'm fortunate to have a large walk-in pantry. I lined each shelf with a covering that can be taken off and washed. The red baskets are filled with paper goods ( plates, cups, etc ). And I finally found a place for my cookbooks that are accessible but off the kitchen counters.
The biggest bonus in organizing the kitchen and pantry drawers this summer has been  that it has motivated me to do more cooking and baking and even more importantly.... helping me to LOVE cooking and baking! In fact, I just made four loaves of Sour Cream Banana Bread!

 If you have been one who would love to bake or cook more often but find yourself putting it off, you might want to try getting your kitchen better organized! It makes a WORLD of difference!



  1. Sandy, I just love this blog of yours! I've been trying to use the "30 Minutes at a Time" rule and it really does work, when things go like to speak! :D
    I set the kitchen timer for 30 minutes and begin a project, such as answering e-mails. Or gathering a load of clothes to wash, straighten up a bathroom, etc. AND the most important of all...Writing for 30 minutes...or more!

    1. hey, thanks, Becky! I put off organizing my pantry and kitchen for so long because it looked like at LEAST a day long project. But breaking things up like this was doable.

      Glad it's helping you too! ;)

  2. hi nice post thanks for sharing...just found your blog thrue others blog comments looking for to visit more...blessings


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