Sunday, April 1, 2012


I haven't posted in a while because I'm on vacation HERE! >>>>>>>>

 I know I'm not supposed to say on the internet that I'm on vacation because who knows who might come and burglarize  our home! No worries though! We have someone (   A VERY BIG PERSON ) staying at our house while we're gone and a very high tech custom ALARM system! Oh! Plus we don't have any valuables. No... really! So that should take care of THAT concern! 

Anyway, I am going to write  my next post about how to organize and  PLAN A CAR TRIP WITH KIDS as we are traveling with our adult children and grandkids! I like to organize the trip for the grandkids by planning car activities. It keeps them entertained while making the time go faster! So keep posted whether you're a Mom or Grandma...Everyone needs to know how  to organize and plan a FUN CAR TRIP WITH KIDS!

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