Tuesday, March 13, 2012


It's that time of year again! Time to let in the FRESH AIR OF SPRING! Spring Cleaning may not be the first thing you look forward to with the coming of SPRING  but I'm hoping that with a little "creative coaching" you can put some SPRING LOVE into your SPRING CLEANING!

First of all you need some...

1) FLOWERS  Decide you will reward yourself with a small bouquet of fresh flowers when you're all done. SMILE!
2) FRESH COLOR   Visualize how you might bring in some fresh pastel colors into your living space to brighten things up for spring. Maybe it's as simple  as moving some pillows into the living room from another room. Get ideas from magazines or the internet. DREAM!
3) FRESH AIR   Open a window and let the fresh air of spring inspire you!  INHALE!
4) VISUALIZE  NEW SPACES  Sit down in your favorite spot with your favorite spring beverage and visualize your home as being FRESH AS SPRING! Maybe this is the time for rearranging your furniture to make your rooms look NEW! Or painting a room or piece of furniture. IMAGINE!
5)  SPRING DECOR    Now is the time to bring out your Spring decor. Or find NEW inspiration on PINTEREST for crafting something new!  CREATE!

Whatever INSPIRES you about spring, begin to SMILE, DREAM, INHALE, IMAGINE, CREATE! Who wants to START ANEW with a stale, stuffy, drab, wintery- filled home? NOT ME! I want to begin this NEW FRESH SEASON OF NEW BEGINNINGS with  A FRESH, CLEAN HOME! I'm feeling it now!
How about YOU? Are you feeling like tackling that spring cleaning yet? Ahhh, but wait!  You first need to get these good feelings down into your whole body, mind, and spirit! Begin creating this new FRESH SPRING HOME IN YOUR MIND before you take the next step! Let it sink down deep until you can't wait any longer to GET CLEANING! But you STILL have to wait! There are more steps to come before you jump in! For now, just enjoy seeing and feeling the end result in your mind and thoughts! The cleaning can wait....


  1. I have been searching for a blog that offers refreshing articles about happy living and domestic bliss!! And I simply cannot express how happy I am to have found your blog! You are a pleasant read....and offer far better content and substance than any home decorating mgazine I have ever read.....including Martha Stewart!

    I'm going to make a pot of coffee and browse through your posts...ciao!

    Creative Carmelina

  2. Thank you for your kind words! You made my day! I'm so happy someone connects with where I am... but including Martha Stewart!? Whoa! Thanks again! ;)



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