Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Here are a few more ideas for your laundry room. First up a couple more laundry baskets that I really loved!  Aren't they cute?

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Next up is a great tip about how to clean your washing machine. With Spring Cleaning coming up this is a good time to include that in your list of "to do's". The results are amazing!

How often have you said that you think your washing machine is eating the socks? Well, here are three  cute solutions for that...  little signs and places to hang those missing their "significant other".

 And how about trying a unique idea for drying racks. Here are a couple of options for that. This ladder hanging with hooks is a cute idea! 

This next idea is easy to make, a great DIY project! Another idea is to use a vintage crib siderail for this type of rack.

And there's always THIS  old favorite option. Hanging your clothes outside...a refreshing and sweet smelling way to dry! Add some of these  ideas to your laundry day and make it more creative, fun, and sweet! HAPPY LAUNDRY DAY!


  1. Oh, Sandy! You're killing me here! I am SO lusting over all these beautiful rooms! :D


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