Friday, March 23, 2012


From Martha
I'm a Gramma now  but I'm still always looking for great organizational ideas for kids rooms. Since I have the reputation for being the "Organizing Gramma" my granddaughters like to have me over from time to time to help them organize their rooms. I think they just want to get some extra help in  cleaning their rooms but I love to do it. So I'm always on the lookout for great ideas. They both have a lot of books so this project from Martha Stewart caught my eye. This one shows items for a little boy  but I think this still would work for older granddaughters as they can put magazines in them as well as books and cute treasures that are important to them.
It also looks "doable" for a Dad and Grampa who are "not-so-handy-handymen". My husband would LOVE to be handy but alas,  he does not have the natural talents that his "oh-so-handy" Father had.

 Once he was trying to fix our bathtub faucet and he felt very accomplished at being able to unscrew the faucet of the tub. Unfortunately he had forgotten to turn off the water and it was like opening a fire hydrant! The water shot out of the now "hole in the wall" with such force that it blasted straight  ahead until it hit the wall on the other side of the tub. Before he could find the place in the basement to turn off the water, we had water spilling out of the bathroom and into the hall. You'd think it would have gone down the tub drain but the force  of the water caused it to blast onto the wall and then flow to the floor and out into the hall! It was a MESS! But after the water was turned off and most of the floor mopped up we sat down and laughed until we cried!  It really looked like something you'd see on a comedy sit-com. My husband decided , rightly so, that this would be his LAST "fix-it" job. But 30 years later, his memory not so great any more, he thought he could tackle fixing our son and daughter-in-law's  toilet and save them some money. Long story short, we had to buy them a new toilet and hire someone to put it in.

Now that I think about it,  maybe my daughter-in-law and I should tackle the bookshelf. It might take a while but I'll post the results here.

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  1. Hello!
    I'm here from Becky's blog...and I must tell you how refreshing you anecdote was...I truly felt as though you were talking about a sit-com for sure! Thanks for the belly laugh, just what I needed.

    Your newest follower
    Creative Carmelina

    Ciao Bella!


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