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Great example of  a Family Communication Station
In a previous post I mentioned " FAMILY COMMUNICATION STATION". Guess I better explain what I mean by that. We all know how busy life can get with everybody running in different directions. Therefore, we need some place where we can leave messages, post appointments and events, and generally stay connected with what is happening in the lives of family members. This is not to take the place of ACTUALLY TALKING to each other, however. But it's nice to have one area where everyone can find out "what's on the agenda" and I call this area, THE FAMILY COMMUNICATION STATION. Here are 6 items needed for the...


1) Desk or large area where you can put all items that will help keep your family organized
2) Calendar where all family appointments, special events, and holidays can be written down
3) Bulletin Board to post reminders, notes,school lunch menus, chores list, etc.
4) Grocery List where all family members can add items needed for next shopping trip
5) Places to keep kids' special papers that need to be signed and sent back to school and other school related things
6) Containers for pens, pencils, and paper for writing notes to each other

Here's a simple COMMUNICATION SYSTEM to ensure everyone is using the same way to communicate:

1) Plan weekly family meetings
2) At the family meeting everyone fills in the family calendar with that weeks events and happenings, and all important phone numbers are posted
3) Chores are discussed and posted, decisions are made on school lunch menus
4) "To Do" lists are posted
5) Schedules are gone over
6) Everything that is planned throughout the week is gone over so everyone knows what is happening that week
7) Every family member checks the calendar in the morning and after school as reminders and to take action as needed
8) Older kids should have their own calendars to keep track of these things also

This is a simple way to have one place to keep order in the things that are happening in the family. It's a central location for both family and individual events. This also helps everyone feel a part of something bigger than the individual: A PART OF A FAMILY. It also helps everyone feel more secure knowing where everyone is and how they can be reached. It's a helpful tool for busy families to use to work together and maintain some order in their often hectic lives. It will help provide more calm and less stress. So do yourself and your family a favor and get started to INTENTIONALLY make a decision to work out YOUR family's COMMUNICATION SYSTEM.With systems in place there should be less anxious moments of kids saying things like "I forgot to have you sign a paper, Mom, but I don't know where it is!?" With THIS system and the STATION in place kids learn to go to the station and leave papers in the place provided to be left for a parent's signature. Mom knows to check for these papers, sign them, and put them into school bags. Of course, new habits take time, but once everyone sees how calming this new system is they'll be routinely following through and enjoying the calming order it brings. If you have to start out by giving "rewards" for follow through in the beginning don't be afraid to do it. But in the long run the reward should be the feeling everyone gets in feeling more in control and relaxed all at the same time!


  1. Love...must redo my family centre...and post about it. I'll try to remember to link back to this post.

    Ciao bella.
    Creative Carmelina

  2. I'd love to read about how it worked for you!

    sandy ;)


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