Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Metal and glass stand with planters used for organizing.
This week I'm sharing vintage bathroom storage ideas.  So here's another cute idea for bringing some organization and vintage style into your bathroom... use vintage planters and glass containers to hold bathroom supplies. The photo here shows how it worked in THIS bath.  I especially love the planter on the lower shelf in the back holding hand towels. Planters  and other containers are easy to find at garage sales often for under $1 so this is also an INEXPENSIVE way to decorate with style. Find a variety of them for a fun and creative display.  This  color also brightens up the bath with its bright yellow!

The little metal and glass cart is cute for holding these bath items. It is small enough to fit most bathrooms...except mine! ( boo ) As I stated in my last post I have a tiny bathroom and have had to come up with  some different ideas for storage which I'll share in a later post.

The other photo posted here shows vintage jars that can hold bath items as well. The glass jars  are holding soaps and bath salts. You could also put cotton balls, Q-tips, and other bath necessities in your vintage containers.

More vintage items used for bath storage and decor.
Using vintage planters and containers  is a creative and inexpensive way to add vintage style to your bathroom. We always have plenty of cute vintage planters and containers at our Hob Nobber sales. Be sure and look for them to add that special vintage feel to YOUR bathroom! No major renovations needed to get that vintage look!

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