Sunday, June 24, 2012


Soon I hope to have a pantry like this!
I've been so busy organizing I haven't had time to post! Just kidding! I COULD spend more time organizing but I want to have a LIFE which is actually my MAIN goal. So what I HAVE been doing is spending time with family! So where does "organizing" come in? This IS a blog on organizing after all.  I know we want and need orderly homes but I don't want that to take over my life so what I came up with is a plan to organize  my life and home in 30 minute chunks a day. 

 My husband and I had planned to try and get our pantry and kitchen organized this summer so I knew I would need some organizational items. So I  took a trip to the dollar store and purchased a few items that might help in organizing. That was my FIRST 30 minutes of organizing time. But it got me even MORE motivated to get it done.

In 30 minute chunks I have organized  an armoire ( with  two shelves and four drawers) filled with dishes and table linens, three kitchen drawers and three HUGE shelves in the pantry. I'm still working on the rest but I feel GREAT about what has already been accomplished! Here are the steps I took to get going:

1) Went through kitchen, pantry, and armoire and took out those things that I haven't used in the last year and other things that needed to be discarded. One pile went into the trash and the other pile was picked up by my daughter-in-law for her garage sale whose proceeds would be sending our granddaughter on a mission trip! Yeah! Mission accomplished and I was even able to help my granddaughter raise money for her trip.   30 minutes ( husband helped )

2) Trip to the Dollar Store to purchase supplies. This got me more motivated and cost less than $10.00!  30 minutes

3) Ripped out two layers of shelf paper on one big shelf in the pantry, wiped down the shelf, layed a washable removeable pad on the shelf and filled the shelf in an organized fashion. 30 minutes

4) Continued this pattern with another two shelves, the armoire, and three kitchen drawers @ 30 minutes each.

It's not getting done in a day but I'm moving forward and it's feeling GOOD! I could feel the  difference after just ONE shelf was organized! I also have SO MUCH MORE SPACE left after many things were given away or discarded. Thirty minutes was just right for me but if you are working outside the home maybe you'll need to take only 15 minute chunks. The time frame doesn't matter as long as you keep at it a little at a time.

My goal in organizing is not to let it control my life but to get items in my home put away in an orderly fashion so I can find everything at a moment's notice. I'll then have more time for REAL LIFE AND REAL LIVING! Because, let's face it, who wants to spend he rest of their lives organizing?
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